Green Island – a combination of nature that keeps the soul of the Mediterranean and a combination of olive, sea and greenery; is the perfect place to fully connect with nature and discover its incredible power; In addition, cars are banned from entry so you can truly enjoy the pure nature.
Throughout the world Zlarin is known for its corals – there is still a traditional way of making known and valuable coral jewelry – small animals that are stoned as soon as they get out of the sea; in history it was only for newborn children, because at elevated temperatures they became white and they were believed to protect themselves from spells and evil spirits. The first written traces of coral gathering on the Adriatic come from the 13th century, Zlarinjani are mentioned as famous coralists. They took the corals and sold them unprocessed in Naples and Sicily. After the fall of the Venetian Republic in 1797, control over the coral reef that had its Venice continued, but the Zlarinjans were granted the exclusive right to coral reefs. They hunted the coral and sold it until 1955, when after the most successful hunt (475 kg), which was sold in Italy, it came to the deterioration of this occupation on the island, and shortly thereafter, Coral guild collapsed after an unsuccessful hunt in Egypt.