Romantic Mediterranean city of a typical look; narrow paved streets, small passages, steps leading to the old fort on the top of a hill that is today a sight-seeing place. The entire city core is a protected monument of culture, and most houses date back to the 18th and 19th centuries. At Skradin’s streets you will find a pleasant atmosphere of a small Dalmatian place, especially during the Skradin Festival of Klapa singing (a capella singing is typical for the Croatian Adriatic) or for the feast of Our Lady. After seeing the center of the stairs you can go to the belvedere, medieval fortress at the site of the old liburnan castle. The look is really worth it, on the one hand you can see what the center looks like from the bird’s perspective, and on the other, those boats in the harbor look much nicer so out of the air, the bridge in the distance and the Krka Canyon. Skradin is a natural gateway to the Krka National Park, since it is situated on the place where Krk flows into the Adriatic Sea, and from Skradin it is easy to reach the National Park. Skradin is also a favorite vacation spot for numerous world celebrities: Bill Gates, Michael Schumacher, Roman Abramovich, Rania Queen of Jordan, Beyonce and many others have been charging batteries in this beautiful town.