Kaprije is an island situated in the central part of the Sibenik islands. It is about 15 kilometers southwest of Sibenik, it has a surface of 7.11 km2 and the total length of the coast is 25.211 km, with the indices of divorce 2.56. The only settlement on the island is also called Kaprije, which surrounds the hills, the largest of which is Velika glavica (129 m). It is named after the Mediterranean capar plant, whose buds serve as a spice. The average annual length of sunshine, or insolation, is around 2600 hours, which makes this area the most sunny parts of the Mediterranean. On March 22, 1944, near the northern tip of Kaprije, the German military ship Francesca da Rimini was inhale. It was anchored at least fifty feet from the shore, the ship was anchored due to motor failure, and was masked, so it looked like an extension of the tip. That day, probably on the alert of Partizan with Zirje, was submerged. Today, the boat lies at a depth of 55 meters along the northern tip of Kaprije and is an attractive diving site. There are about 20 coves on the island of Kapri, the most famous being:
• St. Peter’s Harbor (Luka Kaprije) is the main and largest bay on the island where the coastal part of Kaprije is located. There is a ferry pier and berths there. The lowest point is about 15 meters.
• Mala Nozdra is a bay located southeast of the village of Kaprije. The bay is uninhabited but there is a restaurant and yacht berths. From Kaprija to Nozdre the path was arranged.
• Big Nozdra
• Gracice (Gacice)
• Remetic