The island of Zirje is the only inhabited island island among the Sibenik islands. Zirje is located 22 kilometers southwest of Sibenik in contact with the national park Kornati, it is 15.08 km2, 12 km long and 41.8 km long. in the middle part is a fertile field of 108 hectares (out of a total of 1508 hectares of whole island). On the island there are eight natural caves and pits. The highest peak is Kapić (131 m) on which is preserved the circular bed of prehistoric fossil. On the hill Vela glava, which dominates the Samogradska vrata, the southern entrance to the Kornati Islands, is a sight-seeing with identified spots in the surrounding area. It is assumed that the name of the island is derivated from the dense forests of Mediterranean oak. Prehistoric sites are Kapić and Straza (Stacijun). The ancient site is a villa rustica in the position of Sandrikov mul in Stupica bay. Due to its position, the island has long been a strategic position, dating from ancient times, so the Byzantine Emperor Justinian erected the late antique fortresses of Gradina (over the Stupica bay) and Gustern in the 6th century. There are 485 plant species on the island, and another 253 seaweeds on the banks of the Gulf. Of these, six species of orchids, such as Limodorum abortivum (L.), and many medicinal and aromatic plants, are particularly emphasized. There is a significant presence of pine forests and small game animals. Of agricultural crops, olive, vine, figs, five kinds of plums and almonds are grown in the fertile field, located in the interior of the island, as well as in the dry stone that are one of the most scenic motifs. There is also a project of rescue of green slime (small ringle, top-quality consuming species), and the island’s aquatorium is known for its historic hunting grounds and numerous fish hunting grounds. Zirje has 29 coves, and the larger and the inhabited include Muna, Koromašnja, Mikavica, Tratinska and Baking. Cove Stupica, as the name suggests, is dangerous for anchoring to the south, so the bay has to leave the boat and at the first signs of the upcoming south. The divorced coast is additionally adorned by seventeen surrounding islets and reefs.