Prvic is the first island in the Sibenik archipelago, near Vodice. The island surface is 2.41 km² and the number of inhabitants is 453. The highest peak on the island is Vitković (79 m). On the island there are two typical Dalmatian villages: Prvić Luka and Sepurine, and are connected by one kilometer long road. The Sepurine are located on the western part of the island, and Prvić Luka is located on the southeastern part of the island. The island has been inhabited since the antiquity, so antique and late antique material remains (ceramics, graves in the amphora, early Christian capitals) were found beneath the church of Our Lady, and in the vicinity of the church the Roman tegula from the 1st century BC. It is interesting that this island is not made of limestone as other islands, but of dolomite stones. The vibrant coves and coves attract the swimmers who seek loneliness and peace in the beauty of nature. The island is known as the Faust Island – the island of Faust Vrancic, scientists, historians, linguists, philosophers, mathematicians and physicists who lived in the 17th century, born in Sibenik and spent their childhood on the island. He died in Venice, and was, a